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5 surprising traumatic brain injury facts, that you need to know!

TBI is an injury that affects the way your brain works, and it’s caused by an injury to the head. TBIs range in severity, from “mild” or non-life-threatening to moderate and death threatening cases where the injury has resulted in bleeding, bruising, torn tissues and other physical damage that can have permanent complications.

The four most reported causes of TBI include assaults, falls, motor vehicle crashes and being struck by or against an object. Falls are the current leading cause of TBIs in the U.S.

Patients pass through a continuum of stages as they emerge from their disorders of consciousness before they are more themselves again.”

So, what are these stages?

  • Coma: At this stage the individual is unconscious and has no awareness or comprehension.The depth of a coma and the time an individual spends in a coma varies by location of injury and severity.

No TBIs are exactly alike — meaning treatment often varies depending on the location of the injury, length of coma and severity. For some, treatment may include medications or surgery such as deep brain stimulation. For others, a TBI can be the start of life-long rehab to maximize the patient’s capabilities at home and in the community

There are many complications that can occur with a brain injury, also ranging from mild to severe. These complications can be physical, such as in the cases of altered smell or vision, headaches, hearing loss, seizures and vertigo. Those with brain injuries may experience changes to their thinking skills such as memory, judgment & decision making.

Brain injuries are traumatic, and patients may report behavioral and emotional changes such as outbursts or depression. The goal of a your rehab team is to tackle these effects and help create short/long term treatments for recovery.

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