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Injury Recovery "RICE" Technique

In the end of soft tissue injury, like a muscle pull, sprain or tear, urgent first aid care can prevent complications reduce pain and support you recover earlier. The most common acronym in heal to memorize is “RICE,” which includes rest, ice, compression and elevation:

  • Rest – If you are demonstrating symptoms of injury, resting and refraining from additional physical activity is significant to avoid extra additional serious injury or stress.

  • Ice – Ice the upset area for 30 minutes between 4 and 8 times a day to decrease swelling, bleeding, muscle spasms and pain.

  • Compression – Use compression to the upset area from the beginning 48 hours after injury to avoid extreme swelling.

  • Elevation – Elevate the upset limb to decrease swelling. On condition of worse limb injuries, hold the ankle over the hip. For greater limb injuries, use a sling or pillow to lift the area.

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